P&D Department Discusses 20 Years Land Use Plan for Abbottabad

P&D Department Discusses 20 Years Land Use Plan for Abbottabad

Abbottabad: According to a news story published on 09-10-2023, the Urban Policy and Planning Unit of the Planning and Development (P&D) Department organized a meeting to discuss the 20-year land use proposal plan for the futuristic development in the Abbottabad district.

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According to official sources, many government officials and stakeholders from Abbottabad and Swabi districts attended and participated in the discussion session held by the Urban Policy and Planning Unit of the P&D Department on 05-10-2023. Prof Shakir Mayo, the renowned town planner, was the key speaker of the discussion session. During the session, Prof Mayo divulged the comprehensive district land use plan that will guide future development across various sectors.

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Mr. Shakir also explored the various township development needs at the village level, conducting an analytical review of crucial areas. These sectors include health, education, housing, environment, tourism, agricultural land use, barren land, protected areas, mineral resources, and infrastructure development.

The professor also stressed that the plan would undergo periodic reviews every five years to remain adaptable to changing requirements while emphasizing the document’s dynamic nature. He also divulged a possible proposal that enables reallocating land for housing projects to high-rise buildings.

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