LWMC Gears Up to Improve Air Quality in Winters with 43 Smog Hotspots

LWMC Gears Up to Improve Air Quality in Winters with 43 Smog Hotspots

Lahore: According to a news published on 16-05-2023, the Lahore Management Company (LWMC) has collaborated with the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) for a joint effort to fight smog and dengue in winter 2023.

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As per the official source, the LWMC has established a digital mapping to tackle the pressing smog issue across the city. Their field teams are diligently working on the streets, making efforts every day to improve the air quality of Lahore city. They are also working on reducing the smog and health risks citizens face. These initiatives are being established in some key areas, such as Circular Road, Lari Adda, Bhatti Chowk, Railway Road Bazaar, Thokar Chowk, and College Road. Moreover, the management is monitoring their initiatives through an app.

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In addition, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has also geared up to combat with dengue epidemic. The viral disease has recently become a potential crisis looming over the city, infecting several citizens. The PHA is launching mosquito-killing fish into the fountains and water bodies in the town’s premises. As per sources, these deployed fish will work as natural predators that will target mosquito larvae to diminish their breeding cycle.

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