BWC and CSCI Combine Strategy to Develop Region Near Ring Road Rawalpindi

Islamabad: As per sources, the management of Blue World City and Capital Smart City jointly visited the site of Ring Road Rawalpindi. Both housing projects will combine strategies to develop the region with their designer partner, Surbana Jurong.

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Blue World City (BWC) is a prestigious housing project aiming to become Pakistan’s 1st Purpose-Built Tourist Destination. The reliable urban planners Blue Group of Companies (BGC) are developing the residential society.  BWC is an excellent investment opportunity available at the prime location of Rawalpindi Ring Road. The major-worth housing scheme offers its clients the most economical range of commercial and residential property options.

Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is a revolutionary project of the Habib Rafiq Group (HRL). The residential society aims to become the country’s first Smart City. The CDA-approved project is located at the prime location of Chakri Road, near the M-2 Motorway. It is among the most in-demand investment options because of its smart facilities, affordable payment plans, and avant-garde infrastructure.

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According to sources, the management of BWC and CSCI together visited the site near Ring Road Rawalpindi. These housing schemes are neighbouring each other near Chakri Road, only a 13-minute drive away from each other.  The officials of both housing schemes are combining their strategies with the Surbana Jurong to develop a link road along the Rawalpindi Ring for easy access.

The Chairman of HRL, Mr Zahid Rafiq, Group COO, Mr Aslam Malik, and BGC Chairman, Mr Saad Nazir, were also present at the site visit with the Singaporean design team. The officials from BGC and HRL are also planning to collaborate further by working on the underdeveloped regions near Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, they expect to develop the area as a joint venture in the coming years.

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The following are some of the images of the BWC & CSCI site visit: 

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