CDA Initiates Digitalization of Plot Data for Clients' Convenience

CDA Initiates Digitalization of Plot Data for Clients' Convenience

Islamabad: According to news published on 11-10-2023, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to digitize plot records, making their services more convenient for citizens.

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According to official sources, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to develop a website gateway to support their initiative. The newly introduced website will provide all the latest information about Islamabad residential and commercial plots and buildings. The capital authorities are currently processing a pro forma for the submission of complete plot details.

In addition, the pro forma will work as the foundation of a data bank construction that will later enable the digitization of records. The public will have unrestricted access to this digitized information through an internet portal. Moreover, in the first phase, the Sector D-12 record will serve as the pilot project in the digitization initiative of CDA.

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After the pilot project’s success, the officials will gradually digitize the other sectors’ information. The inclusive effort will feature records from various departments, including revenue directorate, planning, estate management, and building control. In addition, the public will also be able to find information regarding water fees and property taxes effortlessly.

The initiative will facilitate citizens to take care of various obligations without physically visiting CDA offices.  In the future, the comprehensive plot information will be just a simple click away for the individuals of the capital city. This initiative is a significant step toward improving accessibility and convenience for the public.

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