CDA Initiates Pre-approved Building Plans to Assist Citizens

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has begun a new way to make building homes easier for residents. They want to make it simpler to get building plans. Hence, they are trying something new. On August 27, they announced a special plan where people can use pre-approved building designs.

The CDA’s new Chairman, Mohammad Anwarul Haq, made this plan during a visit to the CDA’s building control section. He is aware that it is often tough for people to get permission from the CDA. There are many different parts of the government to go through, and sometimes they say no for confusing reasons. To help with this, the CDA told its team to prepare about 20 great building plans for different sizes of homes.

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The CDA’s plan is a big step to improve things for people who want to build homes. They want to make government processes easier for everyone in the city. This means people will get a list of plans they can choose from. They can then build their houses using these plans without asking the CDA every time.

The cost for these plans will be decided by the CDA’s money experts. If someone wants a different design, they can still talk to the CDA. Getting the CDA’s permission needs many different certificates from different parts of the government, which is a tiresome task.

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The CDA’s chairman also wants to put property records online. This way, things will be quicker and smoother through the One Window Operation. He also visited the One Window Operation and the Building Control parts of the CDA. He asked them to get better at what they do. He also wanted to see the papers for building plans people have applied for.

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