CDA Instructs to Speed Up Development Work in 4 Sectors of Islamabad

CDA Instructs to Speed Up Development Work in 4 Sectors of Islamabad

Islamabad: According to a news story published on October 12, 2023, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials have instructed the engineering teams to speed up the development process in four crucial sectors of the capital city.

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As per official sources, the CDA management chaired a meeting to overview the progress of the four sectors of Islamabad, including E-12, I-12, C-15, and C-16. These sectors have been facing significant delays previously. The meeting was held to assess the development program of these sectors that was chaired by the Chairman of CDA, Mr. Anwarul Haq.

During the meeting, he divulged his concerns about the unhurried construction work in these sectors. The CDA Chairman also instructed the engineering wing to address the hurdles in the development work of these sectors to speed up the entire process.

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Mr. Haq directed the construction team in these sectors so that no delays would be tolerated while emphasising the importance of timely development. He stressed that CDA must provide developed plots to enable citizens to construct homes. This solution is mandatory to meet the increasing demand for housing units in Islamabad.

Furthermore, Mr. Chairman has scheduled another meeting in which they will discuss the sector-specific issues and propose practical solutions in detail. They have instructed the engineering and estate wings to conduct comprehensive research and present well-thought-out proposals. The proposals will help the CDA overcome the obstacles that delay work in these central sectors.

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