CDA Issued Notice to Residents of I-15 to Pay Development Charges

Islamabad: Our media sources reported that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued a notice to the residents of I-15 urging them to pay the development charges by August 30, 2023.
They further informed that according to the CDA’s instruction, if the residents fail to fulfill the instruction, it could lead to the cancellation of their allotted plots. But instead of following the instructions, the residents strongly opposed the CDA’s decision.

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Furthermore, the allottees believe that the early demand for the development charges was unfair because these payments were not mentioned during the initial allotment in 2005. The residents also claimed that the current development work in the sector did not justify the payment of development charges.
Moreover, an official of the CDA stated that almost 70% of the development work in the whole sector is completed. Media Sources reported over 6,000 possession letters are ready for issuance to allottees. The official further stated that the development charges are reasonable and necessary for ensuring the progress of the project. He also warned the residents that the payment timeline is final and, that timely paying will prevent the cancellation of the allotted plots.

Read More: CDA Shares New List of 185 Illegal Housing Societies. Furthermore, the CDA official expressed that the development authority could consider the request for an extension in the deadline for submitting the charges. But he also urged that the allottees are liable to pay all their dues and are responsible for fulfilling their financial obligation.  Our official media sources are gathering all the information related to the development charges disputes of residents of I-15 and CDA. Stay tuned to Wirasat for the latest news.

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