Construction Work Begins on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Construction Work Begins on Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi: Our sources have confirmed that the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) has begun constructing the Rawalpindi Ring Road project, estimated to be worth PKR 30 billion.

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As per official details, the project of Rawalpindi Ring Road will be 38.3 kilometers long. The Frontier Works Organization has gained permission for the land of Chak Beli Khan to Adiala, which covers a 12-kilometer to stretch the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Moreover, 26.3 kilometers of land is yet to be approved for the project by the authority.

The estimated value of the Rawalpindi Ring Road expansion project is worth PKR 30 billion. In addition, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has requested more funds from the caretaker Punjab government to complete the project.

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As per the source, the Rawalpindi Division Commissioner, Mr. Liaquat Ali Chatha, who is also the director of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project, has recently publicized that the caretaker Chief Minister, Mr. Mohsin Naqvi, has instructed to complete the project in the estimated time of six months.

RDA will conduct the land acquisition process under Section 17(4) of the Land Acquisition Act. As per the Acquisition Act, they will compensate landowners at market rates plus an additional 15%. According to the project details, the Ring Road project includes five interchanges: Banth, Chakbeli Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Thallian. It also has an industrial zone to reduce traffic congestion and enhance regional transportation.

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