Dealers Request KP Govt to Revise Property Taxes

Peshawar: The KP property dealers showed displeasure as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government imposed heavy taxes on property transactions. According to news published on August 29, the All-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Property Dealers Association has urged the government to revise property tax rates.

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According to our media sources, the association’s representatives, including Younas Khan, Doctor Mehrab Bangash, Asmatullah Afridi, and others, held a press conference recently. During the press conference, the participants exposed the negative impacts of high tax rates on buying and selling properties, so they requested the government to revise tax rates. Furthermore, they highlighted that implementing these high taxes adversely affected the individuals associated with the real estate sector.

The speakers further revealed that a partnership between corrupt individuals within the Land Revenue Department and the land mafia was causing vulnerable individuals to bear financial losses while they worked hard to earn.

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The government will look into the matter of the KP realtors and will take necessary actions. Still, the dealers have not received any positive feedback from the government. However, the KP real estate dealers hope it will facilitate them by revising the property taxes.

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