DHA Multan Shares 100% Waiver Offer on Development, Other Charges

Multan: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan has introduced a special offer to help those who build early. They are letting people save money on development and other construction rates, as said in a post on their official Facebook page on August 26.

DHA Multan’s team has decided that if people build their homes early, they will not have to pay certain charges. This offer is for Sectors M, Q, R, H, U, A, V, N, I, B1, RGC and Central Square. This shows that DHA wants to make it easier for people to own property.

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Here are the important things to know about this offer:

Who can get this offer?

Finish Building: People need to finish building their homes, including all the small things, before December 31, 2024. This gives them around 16 months to complete everything.

Start Using: People who own or rent the houses must start living in them or using them for business within 2 months of getting the paper that says the house is finished.

What this offer gives:

No Charges for Building: When the main parts of the house are done, people can save 30% on the development charges they would have paid.

When Grey Structure is Ready: When everything in the house is done, they can save another 30%.

All Set to Use: If they start living in the house or using it for business, they can save the remaining 40%.

More Benefits:

They don’t have to pay for water and sewerage for 2 years after they start charging for it.

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DHA Multan is doing this to make sure people build their houses quickly. It also helps people save money and enjoy their homes sooner. This shows that DHA cares about its members and wants them to have a good experience with property.

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