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FDA announces two mega projects to deal with traffic distress in Faisalabad

Faisalabad:  According to a news published on 04-09-2023, the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is ready to announce two mega projects to deal with traffic chaos in the city. These projects will provide alternative traffic routes to lower the city’s traffic congestion rate.

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As per the news sources, the FDA aims to develop two mega projects, including the Abdullah Pur-Jhumra Road Flyover and the expansion of Sheikhupura Road. The estimated cost for these projects is around PKR 3 billion. As per sources, The Chief Engineer of the FDA, Mr. Mehar Ayub, recently informed Deputy Commissioner Abdullah Nayyar Sheikh about the development progress and the latest update on these mega projects.

Mr. Abdullah went for a site survey of the project along with other officials, including Deputy Director Development, Mr. Rana Tahir, and Deputy Director Engineering, Mr. Umer Iqbal. Together, they observed the administrative and technical aspects of the ongoing projects. The Abdullah Pur-Jhumra Road Flyover Project’s total cost is around PKR 1.36 billion.

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FDA is establishing this project to deal with the regular tenacious traffic congestion issues that the citizens deal with near the Abdullah Pur Overhead Bridge and its turning point. The development authority aims to generate a smoother traffic flow near Jhumra Road. The flyover will be 0.75 kilometers, starting from Railway Colony Tariqabad. Furthermore, it will cover the area adjacent to the old Abdullah Pur Overhead Bridge and finish near Jhumra Road.

The project will help make this area more accessible for Mansoor Abad and Jhumra Road commuters. As per updates, the FDA has allocated an estimated budget of PKR 1.51 billion for the Sheikhupura Road Project. The development authority will use the budget to rehabilitate and expand Sheikhupura Road from Nishatabad Overhead Bridge to Gattwala. As per sources, a provincial cabinet standing committee has been formed for this project that will observe the development progress of the project.

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