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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Announces Merging Offer in General Block

Islamabad: The management of Kingdom Valley Islamabad has announced a merging offer on booking new residential plots in General Block, our media sources reported. With this latest announcement, the investors will have exceptional opportunities to increase the volume of their investment in the housing society by booking new plots while merging their 5 Marla plots in General Block.

Furthermore, according to the merging policy of Kingdom Valley, open files of 5 Marla having a price of PKR 1,245,000 can be merged at the rate of PKR 50,000. However, there will be no further discount except the merging offer.

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The investors can benefit from the merging offer as the officials of the housing society announced the offer for different plot sizes. Their 5-Marla residential plot files can be merged in 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential having prices of PKR 1,445,000, PKR 2,220,000, PKR 2,900,000, and PKR 4,500,000 respectively. Furthermore, the investors can merge their files in farmhouses of various sizes, including 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal, with prices of PKR 8,000,000 and PKR 14,000,000.

Kingdom Valley

Furthermore, our sources reported that the management of Kingdom Valley is working on innovative strategies to facilitate investors with ideal investment opportunities.

Kingdom Valley is a renowned housing society located in a prime location in Islamabad. The developers have kept the plots’ prices very low and announced new offers that can benefit the investors.

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The officials of Kingdom Valley stated, as our sources confirmed, that many other exceptional offers for the investors of Kingdom Valley Islamabad are yet to come. The merging offer on new bookings in General Block is just the beginning of the upcoming schemes.

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