Kingdom Valley Lahore to be Launched Soon

Kingdom Valley Lahore to be Launched Soon

Lahore:  As per a news post, the leading urban planner Kingdom Group has announced the launch of their iconic project, Kingdom Valley, in the heart of Lahore. Ravi Urban Development Authority (𝐑𝐔𝐃𝐀) will authorize it.

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As per sources, Mr. Ghulam Shahid Sanpal, the owner of Kingdom Group, has announced the launch of Kingdom Valley Lahore. The groundbreaking news was revealed on the official Facebook page of Kingdom Group. According to the news shared, the RUDA will fully endorse the upcoming residential project.

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As per sources, the Kingdom Valley Lahore is one of the most demanded projects of Kingdom Group’s clients. After introducing PHATA-approved Kingdom Valley Islamabad, they are excited to announce the project for Lahore.

Many property experts predict that this will be an extraordinary project, opening boundless prosperity possibilities for the investors of Punjab.  The Kingdom Valley management will soon reveal other important information regarding this project.

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