GB Signs Contract with Norwegian Firm to Enhance Hydropower Generation

GB Signs Contract with Norwegian Firm to Enhance Hydropower Generation

Islamabad: According to a news published on 26-10-2023, the government of Gilgit-Baltistan has collaborated with the Norwegian Hydro Company (NOR Hydro) to advance sustainable energy production in the region.

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As per official details, this investment agreement is a critical milestone for Gilgit-Baltistan’s energy sector to achieve. The contract was formalized between NOR Hydro and the GB government in Islamabad.  According to the agreement, the Norwegian hydropower company will invest in hydro and solar energy projects, beginning with Skardu in Baltistan. All parties are enhancing current power plants by developing a 4.5-megawatt solar park for eco-friendly electricity.

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Moreover, they are also working on innovative hydroelectric technology projects relating to water and power. GB Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan and Norwegian Ambassador Per Albert Ilsaas attended the signing event marking the historical day with appreciation and mutual recognition. The CM Khan praised Norwegian involvement in the region’s prosperity. In addition, the Norway Ambassador expressed optimism about Gilgit-Baltistan’s growth and the private sector’s potential.

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