RUDA CEO Visited Chahar Bagh Site to Watch Over Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Lahore: According to a news published on 02-09-2023, the CEO of Ravi Development Authority (RUDA), Mr. Imran Amin, visited the site of Chahar Bagh and Industrial to observe the development status of their eco-friendly initiatives.

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As per the source, the CEO of RUDA, Mr. Imran Amin has pronounced that their top priority is the safety and welfare of the local community near Industrial Zone Phase 1. To complete their vision, they have certain eco-friendly initiatives and are working hard to implement their measures. RUDA is putting great effort into preserving nature and establishing environmental sustainability.

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As per sources, The Chahar Bagh project is the most visible and suitable example of their efforts to preserve the environment. The residential project spans over 128 acres, developed using modern sustainability practices following environmental guidelines. In addition, RUDA has also performed a thorough survey to identify ecological concerns like air, noise, and water pollution. Moreover, they are adopting practical solutions to reduce pollution to help establish a sustainable atmosphere.

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