Sindh Caretaker Govt Considers Regulating Illicit Consturction

Karachi: According to a news published on 29-08-2023, the caretaker government of Sindh has decided to regularize illegally constructed buildings throughout Karachi.

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The concierge of the local govt, Mr. Mubin Jumani, has asked the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to perform a comprehensive survey. The survey will be held all across the Sindh province and Karachi to identify all illegal buildings. Moreover, the local government has asked SBCA to report within 48 hours.

During the process, the Sindh government will temporarily ban new constructions and buildings with unapproved plans across the province. As per sources, The Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) delegation reported their concerns regarding the ban on illicit construction in a meeting. Mr. Jumani has proclaimed that the ban will stay for a limited time.

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He also added that the primary objective of implementing this ban was to overcome the problem of surging illicit constructions. The minister assured the public that the caretaker government is vigorously involved in this process. In addition, he also states they are formulating policies that will promote legal structures and prevent illegal constructions.

Moreover, they have also planned to create a committee comprising members from the builder’s community, SBCA, Karachi Development Authority, Malir Development Authority, and Lyari Development Authority. This committee will work on establishing compromising proposals that will benefit both the government and the real estate sector.

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