Support Desk Inaugurated for Overseas Pakistanis by CDA

Support Desk Inaugurated for Overseas Pakistanis by CDA

Islamabad: According to the news published on 01-10-2023, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM), Mr. Jawad Sohrab Malik, has successfully inaugurated the ‘Support Desks for Overseas Pakistanis. One desk is installed on the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICT) premises. The other desk is also available at the One-Window Capital Development Authority (CDA) facility in Islamabad.

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As per the official sources, the SAPM took this initiative to provide a better start to address the concerns of overseas Pakistanis. This initiative resulted from a collaboration discussion between Mr. Malik and the CDA Chairman, who officially launched these support desks. This desk will begin operating from Monday.

Furthermore, Mr. Jawad praised the relevant agencies for achieving critical milestones. The Caretaker government is steadfastly committed to protecting the rights and interests of Overseas Pakistanis.

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The Support Desk installed at CDA will assist overseas citizens with estate management, building control, land and rehabilitation concerns, and revenue-related issues. Moreover, the informational officer will also be designated at the desk to provide procedural assistance.

The Support Desk installed at the ICT Administration will provide provisional services such as issuing International Driving Permits, Arms Licenses and ensuring Domiciles. These desks will be open throughout regular business hours. They will also be available around the clock via various communication channels such as WhatsApp, dedicated landlines, and hotlines.

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