FGEHA Reopens membership of g12 and f12 sectors

Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) Reopens Membership for G-12, F-12 Sectors

Islamabad: In a recent session led by Federal Secretary of Housing and Construction Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangash, the Executive Board of the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) has granted approval for the reopening of membership in sectors G-12 and F-12. The board also sanctioned a reassessment of plot prices. Residents are encouraged to submit new applications for plot purchases in these sectors, anticipating a potential increase in prices. During the meeting, it was disclosed that applications were invited for plots in G-12 and F-12 under the quotas allocated for overseas Pakistanis and the general public, with the application deadline set for October 10. A 15 percent quota was reserved for overseas Pakistanis, and 20 percent was earmarked for the general public. However, concerns were raised about the hastily determined plot prices, prompting the board to order a thorough review and subsequent adjustment of the prices.

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In the meeting, a suggestion was put forth to raise the cost of a one kanal plot from Rs30 million to Rs40.5 million. Nevertheless, the ultimate price will be determined after a comprehensive evaluation. Additionally, it was agreed that an applicant who chooses not to proceed with the plot purchase due to the price adjustment will be entitled to withdraw their registration fee. Furthermore, the decision was made to release an advertisement for new membership.

The meeting granted approval for tenders related to three previously closed residential projects, namely Chaklala Heights Rawalpindi, Skyline New Airport, and Kashmir Avenue G-13. It was revealed that the original contractors declined to proceed with the work, citing a rise in the cost of construction materials. Consequently, an agreement was reached to terminate their services, and the board endorsed this decision.

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Furthermore, the board sanctioned the auction of 19 commercial plots in G-13/3, G-14/3, and G-14/4, along with a petrol pump in the Mauve area in G-13. Additionally, approval was granted during the meeting to engage the services of an audit firm for the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority.

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